Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Camp presentations.

WALT: Research for facts and infomation and present it in an intresting.
Success Criteria:
Know your stuff 
Loud clear voice
Share the main points
Make eye contact
Make sure every member participates.

We had to do a camp presentation about an activity or thing we would do, or see at camp. Our group topic was abseiling. Some of us researched facts about abseiling, while others looked in the spectacular school library for an informative book about abseiling. Unfortunately the only book about abseiling was out, and was due back during our time on camp so we could only use the internet. Eventully we managed to put togther a keynote about abseiling and showed it to the class on the following monday. Here is a link to the video. http://youtu.be/wVkENyfU6PU

I think we did well with the success criteria because we all had a turn at saying something but we could improve on speaking loud and clear. 

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