Wednesday, 9 April 2014


WALT:What does ANZAC mean? Find facts to support why ANZAC day is so special. Present this in a creative way on your blog.
I found out about the poem called In Flanders Field by John McCrae. Then I wrote it out and decorated it and drew some pictures of things that you might have seen in the war. I also found some facts about ANZAC day and used all this to make a poster. This infomation about the poem which is on my poster.

On ANZAC day we wear the poppy to remember those who died to save our country and Britan. The reason we wear the poppy is because in Turkey were they died there are lots of poppy fields and most of our soliders died in them. There is a poem called In Flanders Field written by Canadien, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae who died of pneumonia in January 1918. John did not live to see the end of the war. He wrote In Flanders Field when one of his friends died in battle, later on another officer found it and sent it to a magazine to be published. The poem describes how the poppies grow back quickly beetween the graves of the soliders. This is why the poppy is a symbol of rememberance on ANZAC day.

We also had to watch this and answer the question: Do you think children should be allowed in ANZAC parades? Why or why not?
I think children should be able to walk in ANZAC parades because they should be able to show that they are thankful to those who died to save our country. Children need to grow up knowing the history of their country because if they don't people will forget what happened and why so many people died and the courage of those who were in the terrible wars.


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  2. This is a brilliant poster Ana. It reflects all the research you did about ANZAC day and way New Zealanders were affected by WW1 and WW2. You did a stirling job reciting your poem and understanding its meaning. It's great to see you take an interest in the history of your own country and people, I wonder what other parts of our history you might find out about next?