Monday, 7 April 2014

Bookapedia task 4, Julian wasn't expelled by Mr Tushman why is thisgood or bad.

WALT: consider alternative viewpoints to better understand the authors message.
SC: compare different character's points of view to form opinons.
Task: Do you agree with Mr Tushman's decision not to expel Jack? Why or why not? 

I agree with Mr Tushman. Mr Tushman must have known that it was out of Jack's character to hit another student. He would know this because Jack is a great student and has a cool personality and  has never been in trouble before. I  know this because Mr Tushman asked for Jack when he wanted three good students to help Auggie out and show him around the school.                                         

I think I have achieved the success critearia because I have formed my opinion by looking at Mr Tushman's point of view and then Jack's view point which is that he thinks he did the wrong thing even though Julian did deserve it.


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  1. Some good reasons Ana. Have you checked out other Bookapedia student's post to see what they think?