Monday, 7 December 2015

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Date Of Origin

In Date of Origin, we have been answering more questions as we read further into the story. These are my answers to the questions.

Thursday, 26 November 2015


For Inquiry I am in graduation with Troy, in graduation our focus has been to makes radiation at the end of the year the best graduation ever!  I wanted to be in graduation because. It is my graduation this year and I want to make it special. We are split into different groups. Each group has their own part of graduation to work on, I am in speech and slides. 

At the moment we are thinking about what the future generation will benefit from what we are doing in our inquiry. I think that future generation will benefit from our work because it will give them ideas for future graduations and inspire them to think outside the box.

We are also thinking outside the box because we have to think of crazy things for the slides and things that have never been said in speeches.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Book Bash

We discussed these questions and then went to write what we thought the answers were. There are no right answers, just opinions. Here are mine.

Friday, 6 November 2015

The three Selfs

In class we had to highlight a sheet of things that we do. Yellow for:I do it consistently, Pink for: My Goal. The sheet was split into three different sections, Self-Managing, Self-Directed and Self-Agentic. Then we had to put a picture of ourselves on the goal wall.

I think I am a Self Agentic learner because I always try my best and do my jobs consistently.

The goal that I am currently working on is: I consciously seek the cognitive wobble to enhance my learning.

The things I need to do to achieve this goal are always put myself in the learning pit, go above and beyond in my work.

Here is a photo of the sheet.

Friday, 23 October 2015


In reading Troy discussed with our group the last few chapters of Date of Origin. We were asked to answer two questions with our opions on what the characters are feeling. Here are my answers.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Book Bash: Date of origin.

This Term for literacy we are doing a programme called Book Bash. Book Bash is when we are given a chose of ten books and have to chose three. After, the teacher decides which book you will be doing. My book is called Date of Origin. We had to write what we thought of the book and predict what will happen. Just by looking at the title, the front cover and the blurb. Here is mine.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Image Questioning.

Description In class I am in Questioning. I am learning to question the text I am reading to get more information out of it. I chose an activity called Image questioning. We had to look at a photo of a man feeding a Koala water and question it. Here it is.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Passion project

Every Thursday we split into three groups and do different things. One group is Pop art with Kate another is Passion project and the last one is Drama with Rebecca. I am in Passion projects with Suzanne. A passion project is when you chose something your passionate about and you do something around it.

WALT use the PASSION inquiry process to investigate my passion independently/in small groups


BIG IDEA: I am going to do a mystery where students have to find the clues to who did what and put their entrys in a box. I am doing this while learning about Dame Agatha Christie. I have been doing some research on how Agatha wrote her stories. 



EVALUATION: I changed my mind on my Passion Project half-way through and so I don't have much to evaluate but... I think I am doing well for the time I have been given but I need to work a bit faster.


You look like you are really on track and sounds like Agatha Christies writing is reall interesting and it is nice that you are doing that mystery for the children well done there is nothing wrong with it at all-Bella M

Monday, 7 September 2015

Pae tamariki

This term the Kapa Haka group went to Pae Tamariki. Pae Tamariki is a maori celebration where groups from different schools and places come together to preform and share what they have learnt. Our Kapa Haka group went and performed together. Here are some videos of us.
Big Idea: 
At Pae Tamariki, I felt nervous because I was on stage and if I mucked up everyone would see it.

I felt most proud of making it through without mucking up because I was nervous about mucking up and since our practices were good I shouldn't muck up.

I found getting the time right challenging because not everyone was sure of what they should do and I needed to get the time right to show them what to do.

I managed this challenge by counting in my head and looking at what the people that did know what to do would do.

At Kapa Haka, I next want to learn the new songs to the best of my ability and perfect the rest.

Feedback/Feedforward: You sound like you have been organised and have been a great leader 
I really like how you have timed yourself and tried your best. I am sure you made your parents
proud of you. Well Done :D

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Maths production sample.

Description: For maths this term we have been working on multiplication and division. We had to do some tests to see what level we were at. I am in stage seven. There are three different strategys I am working on Proportional adjustment (PLAT), Place value partioning (PVP), Rounding and compensating (R/C) and Known Facts (KF). 

Big idea: We were given a sheet that had two questions on it. We had to show two strategys on each question to show that we knew how to use them. I think that I found all of them good apart from Proportional adjustment because I didn't find I needed to use it. But I got all of them done easily with them. Known Facts is when you use facts you know like when you just go 32+32=64, 64+32=96 ect, ect. Proportional adjustment is when working out multiplication problems you double one number and halve the other or treble one number and third the other. Place value partioning is when you take a question such as 6x26 and split the numbers so it goes 6x20=120, 6x6=36 and then you add 120 to 36 which is 156. So the answer to 6x26 is 156. And last of all Rounding and Compensating is when you take a question and do this to it 9x6= (10x6)-6=54.

Great job Ana, I love the way you have explained what strategys you have been using and giving a great example. Your working out is very clear as well! Good job. I think that you could maybe use proportional adjustment in your learning because I use it often and I think it is a great strategy. I love your post! Great job.

Evaluation: I need to use a wider variety of stratergies because some of the stratergies I use won't work in certain situations. But I did well at working out the questions.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Writing sample

Description: In writing we chose a goal based on what we need to work on. The options were: Words, Ideas and Sentences. I chose Ideas because I couldn't find any planning at all in any pieces of my writing. My specific goal in Ideas is to use planning templates. To get better at it I am looking at photos, generating ideas from them and then putting them down in a template. 

Success criteria.
To have ideas about what to write.
To plan thoroughly.
To have a clear structure.
To stick the main point. 
We used this photo for motivation. Here are my plans.

Big idea:

Wow Ana! You used a lot if hints and ALOT of descriptive words. Do you think your story makes sense? I think your story is so great, I have no idea on what you might need to work on. Maybe you could practise paragraphing shorter paragraphs but still keep the main idea.

Evaluation: I think I could add another paragraph in and shorten some of my other paragraphs because sometimes it is a lot to read. I did well at using adjectives and adding clues. And I planned my story well. 

Friday, 21 August 2015

Wearable arts.

Description: For production we are doing Wearable arts. The main theme of the production is Ora-Life. We have to make a costume of recycled material. We had a day where we went to all the teachers in poutama for a 'taster'. The options were, Heros and Villians, Elements and Out of Africa. I am in Out of Africa, we have to create a garment that relates to Africa. First we had to reaserch Africa and make a mood board. A mood board is a poster of all these things related. To your topic that you liked. Next we had to plan our garment out, here is my plan and my mood board.

I have got both my wings done now and they are looking fabulous so far. I am going to finish my tail and make my mask next and then my costume will be complete.

1) The materials that I used to create my garment were: Paper, hairtyes, elastic, staples, bath towel, cardboard, cable tyes.

2) The most challenging thing about production for me was: cutting out the feathers because it was extremly tedious and they broke easily.

3) One way I demonstrated a growth mindset during production was: when I couldn't find anything to use in my hair but I kept on looking and found some cable tyes.

4) Something I am really proud of about production was: my wings because now that I am finished they look amazing.

5) Our school vision is to create agency, creativity and excellence. I showed this by: creating my t-shirt out of a bath sheet and my feathers out of paper.

Here is my costume.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Reading Portfolio Sample.

Description: In reading we were given a choice for our goal. We could chose either Summarising or 
Questioning. I thought I was quite good at both but could work on Questioning a bit more. We had to chose a tic tac toe about Questioning. I chose the Reverse it up task, which was the disadvantages of a computer.

Success criteria:
To think wider.
Think hard and out of the box.

Big Idea:
I have learnt to think harder andto question my ideas. For example, if I had A computer can't drive a car.  You can probobaly make a computer drive by controlling through it. So you would change the sentence to A computer can't drive a car with hands. That way it makes more sense. This task has helped me think more critically about what I am writing and if it is true.

Feedback/Feedforward: You have done a great job in terms of amount! Next time you could add more detail and make you questions deep so that the reader really has to think about your answer. Great job!
Isabella (Marly!)

Evaluation: I think I have done well at coming up with the ideas and thinking critaclly about my ideas. Next time I could make my questions a bit more deep and add detail to my poster.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Knoword is an educational and challenging game where the computer gives the definition and the first letter of a word and you have to write it down. You have one minute to do as many as you can and every time you get one right you get 20 points. But every time you skip one, by pressing the x button, you lose ten points. Here is a photo of my high score with my friend Bella.

Two stars and a wish.

My goal in poutama and out of poutama is to be a courageous learner. Being a courageous learner is when you take risks, think outside the box, put yourself in the learning pit and work independently expect when it is a collabiritive task. We have set one goal and chosen two things that we are really good at. Two stars and a wish is when you decide on two things you are really good at and one thing that you need to work on.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Red Fox and Marly

In class we had to do a collabiritive writing task with a friend. I did mine with Bella. It is about the S.C.S, a place for special orphans with an odd bond. The two main characters were based on us. The idea came out of game we used to play. Here is the first chapter. I hope it hooks you in and makes you want to read more.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Description: Every Monday after lunch Kapahaka takes place. Kapahaka is a group of students who learn Maori songs and actions and preformed to different audiences in different places such as the regent and other schools. It is to. Teach students about Maori people and the cultures of the natives of Aotearoa.

Big idea: Here is my reflection on what I need to work on and what I am good at for Kapahaka.

At kapahaka I enjoy the singing as a group because it shows how close we are and brings us together as one.

I am most proud of my actions because they are clear and fluent.

I find pronunciation challenging because Maori words are hard to pronounciate and sometimes you sing them wrong without realising it.

I am managing this challenge by asking my peers if I am pronouncing the words correctly.

A personal goal for me is to pronounce and practice the words on my own time.

Our school wide focus this term has been around showing excellence. I show this at kapahaka by helping the younger members and my friends and taking in others feedforward and working on it.

Feedback/Feedforward: Ana I think you do good at the pronouncing the words right in most of the songs. Maybe if you want to get better at pronouncing the words that you don't know you could ask for help or practice. 😋 Taylor

Evaluation: I think I am getting better at my pronunciation because I can hear it in my singing but I could work on the words now because I am finding that I am missing some out.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


As a tic tac toe activity we had to come up with lots of better words that could replace the word bad. Such as horrindeos and horrible. I did mine on pic collage. Next time I think I could put more words in and make two word jars.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

Description: In maths we are learning about strategies. We are learning to use the best strategy for each problem and how to use that strategy. There are three stages. Stage 6, stage 5 and stage 4. I am in stage 6. The strategys we a learning to use are:
Rounding and compensating
Equal addition
Place value partioning 
We were given a peice of paper with 4 questions on it. We had to answer the questions by picking and object and using the prices. We also had to use one of t he strategys above. I used Trial and error most often. 

Big idea: You can see from my pictures that I used different strategys for different questions. I learnt that equal addition was the best and trial and error took the most time. 

Nice strategys Ana. but you could label each image with the strategy you used. Lachlan

Evaluation: I think I did well at getting what I had to do done in the short time I had because I had ICAS practice so I was a day behind. Next time I could label what stratigies I have used because it is hard to tell what I am using.