Friday, 11 April 2014

Bookapedia task 5, How might Auggie be an inspiration to others?

WALT: make inferences to better understand the author's message.
SC: use clues from the story to make connections beyond the text.
Task: How might Auggie be an inspiration to others?

Brave because he made the desicion to go to school. Perseveres because he never complains about the vists to the hospital he just gets on with it. He shows kindness because he supports his family and friends and others. Character because he believes in himself. He shows this by picking himself up when someone puts him down. For example, when he has the bleeding scream problem he doesn't stop going to school. 

I know he inspired others in the story because they awarded him " the Henry Ward Beecher medal to those students whose quiet strength has carried up the most hearts." People chanted his name, patted his back, high fived him and appluded him. This shows that they thought he deserved the award.

I think the author wrote this book to inspire others and to show that just because someone looks different or behaves differently it doesn't mean that they aren't the same as you on the inside, "Don't judge a book by its cover!"

I think I have achieved the success criteria because I have infered that Auggie was an inspiration to others from things the author wrote.

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  1. Hi Ana, you have demonstrated a good understanding of the big idea of 'Wonder' and I have enjoyed our chats as you have read your way through this book and the supplementary books. I especially like the way you included examples with each of your opinions.