Thursday, 11 July 2013

Google Form

This weeks Hands on homework task was to make a google form. Here is the one I made.

Bar Chart

In Maths we have been learning how to make a bar chart. Here is one about takeaways. Can you tell which one is the most popular and which one is the lest?



In reading I have been learning how to read with fluency and expression. Here is a video of me doing it.

Monday, 8 July 2013


Finally the real thing. This is a video of the performance of the production. Under it is my reflection about it.

Production Writing

The moment I strolled through the door of the Regent Theatre I knew that this was it, the real production. I had butterflies fluttering constantly around inside my stomach.

As I begain the hugemoungus struggle up the long winding staircase, my mind kept on flying off of things and onto others. " This is going to be fine." I thought silently to myself. Suddenly Amy trotted over to me and yelled over the racus around us, " quickly sprint down to ukelele!" I raced down the long winding staircase this time without the giant struggle.

The moment my foot touched the hard stonelike floor of the wings I knew something was atterly wrong. My ukelele had disappeared (dunh dunh dunh!) I tiptoed loudly around all the other ukuleles only to find, a ton of disappointment striking me like lightning. My ukelele was nowhere to be seen. Finally I found it the box with the untuned ukeleles inside. Jennifer imideitly picked it up and quickly started to tune it. I felt myself being flooded with excitement.

All of a sudden it was time for the ukelele group to preforme. I bounced on stage like a ball being passed between two children. Then the music started. When we finished nothing happened. Silence. More silence. Then the audience started applausing like maniacs.

 Soon Kapahaka were preforming. I jumped on stage and flew into position. When all of our magnificent dancing and singing was over the crowd burst into applause. Only one thing stopped me now. It was... The wait!

Finally, the gigantic wait was over! I headed downstairs to backstage with my huge class, stampeding   around like a herd of wild horses. As we watched the class before us finish, the butterflies in my stomach started to thump onto the the sides of my tummy. I could feel them tumbling down to the bottomless pit below. Then it was my classes turn to preforme.

I shivered uncontrollably. This was nerve wrecking! Suddenly the music began and the girls and boys in my class began to groove to the beat. The audience were captivated and I was relived! I tumbled onstage like someone being pushed onto hard concrete. Then it was time for the boys to bow and go offstage and the girls come onstage and blow kisses to the audience. I slipped on stage and blew two quick kisses.

It was all over very quickly. Then it was the school dance.

The teachers were all ready for their dance. Stephen was wearing a hideous orange dress and beautiful blue boots. Everyone laughed when David was reveled as Bugs Bunny from Loony Tunes.

I got into position for the school dance. The song started and the dancing begain. I started groove to the beat. Ten it was over the whole production was over.

I raced to the changing rooms and jumped into my comfortable clothes then I raced down stairs and zoomed onstage. There they were, my parents come to get me.

"Oh what a day!" I thought to myself as I snuggled under my covers. I fell asleep very quickly, dreaming of what would happen the next day.

By Ana

Friday, 5 July 2013

Cups Performance

Olivia our student teacher taught us a song called cups. Here is a video of us doing it at our assembly.



In class we made a cereal. It is sold out now because it was so popular. Here is the ad for it.


Basic Facts

Since the start of the year we have been doing some basic fact tests. I have worked really hard and have improved a lot. At the start of the year my score was 72, now my score is 99.