Sunday, 30 March 2014

Bookapedia task 2, the differences between Via and Auggie's Halloween.

WALT: Consider alternative viewpoints to understand the authors message better.

Success Criteria: Compare different character's points of view to form opinions. 

These are the instructions and answers for my Bookclub task numbr two.
Auggie and Via's descrepition of Halloween are quite different. What did you learn from Via that you didn't already know from Auggie? What did you learn from Auggie that Via dosn't tell you? List at least three things unique to each person on a double bubble map.

What Auggie tells us that Via dosen't is that Auggie likes Halloween because he gets to were a mask and walk around like a normal person. Auggie overheard some boys being mean about him and one of them was his friend, Auggie tells us exactly what the boys said. Auggie pretends to be sick to get out of school and when he gets home he is really sick.

What Via tells us that Auggie dosen't is that Gran died the day before Halloween a few years ago so Via and Mum are extremly sad. Via stays home with Mum that day because she is too sad.  Via feels like mum dosen't spend much time with her. I learnt from Via that they went to the Halloween parade.

I think I have achieved the Success Criterea because I have shown how the author used the fact that they could make a story of the whole day even if they split up the parts of the day into two different people's views and if the reader could connect these halfs together it would give them the whole story.  


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  1. MMM, we really do come together with different experiences don't we. That gives me something to think about before I jump in and want to judge others. What has it madebyou think about?