Monday, 9 February 2015

Remember writing!

Purpose: To share memories from my childhood.

Description: We read a piece of writing that was about someone's childhood memories and decided to do the same about our childhood memories. We had to have to paragraphs and start both with the word remember. At the end we had to write this was my first... Mine is about my first beach experience. Here it is.

Remember rushing down sand dunes, the hot sand burning our feet, the wind lashing our faces and the peels of laughter carried away to sea.

Remember diving into the cold water, the waves pulling us under and the desperate gasp for air as you  break the surface, readying your self for the next salty plunge.

That was my first beach experience.

1 comment:

  1. Your description took me straight into my own memories of being in the waves. I like your choice of adverbs and adjectives like "salty" and "desperate". I wonder if you can remember with some of your other senses like taste and smell.