Thursday, 12 February 2015

Maths tests

Description: In maths we did three tests,' each of a different level. If you got over eighty percent then you pass to the next stage.The first one was stage four. I got 100 percent. The second one was stage five. Again I got 100 percent. The third one was stage 6. It was extremely hard to do. I got 66 percent. Then we redeemed some of the questions we got wrong, by asking a question related to the question that we got wrong. We had to answer that question in three seconds. I ended up with 74 percent.

Here are my tests.          

Stage 4 

Stage 5

And... Stage 6

The big idea: We had to chose what our goal is going to be by looking at the test and finding the section that we got the most wrong in. Mine is How Many. How many has questions like how many tens are in 56.


  1. That's the great thing about tests - you find out what you do know and what you don't know! And I know that you will enjoy learning new maths concepts and achieving your goals.

  2. Ana, I love your enthusiasm for doing prove its and working your way through the goals that you need to do. I can tell with that attitude you will be ready for Stage 7 in no time. Wow!