Thursday, 19 February 2015

Disgusting Food

Purpose: Describe using our senses.

Task: A time I had to pretend I liked that particular food.

Description: During writing we wrote  about a time when we had to pretend we likeda particular food.I racked my brain until finally I found something to write about. Blue vein cheese. The putrid flavor tainted my tongue just thinking about it. So here it is.

The honey drizzled over it didn't hide the pumping veins and the cat sick yellow of the cheese.
It's smell was concealed by the golden coating of honey.
Reluctantly I placed it in my mouth and bit down.
The putrid taste of rotten compost hit me, making me want to keel over and throw it all up.
I gulped it all down, hoping it would stop it from tainting my mouth with it's disgusting flavor. It didn't.
"Who would want to eat such a hideous thing like that?" I thought.
I'll never forget the feeling of that cube of sickening slime.


  1. Oh Ana! Your post made me laugh out loud with enjoyment! I can just picture your expression with the thought of eating your beloved blue vein cheese! I love your play on the word "vein" and having it throb. What a brilliant description. I can wait to see a description of something you do like.....broccoli sandwich? Or is it fennel seeds? I don't imagine it would be spaghetti and meatballs.....

  2. Hilarious and evocative, Ana, well done!