Wednesday, 4 June 2014


WALT: Rote learn my spelling words by creating a mnemonic for them.

Task: To create a mnemonic for five of your spelling words.

Task description: We had to create a mnemonic for five of our spelling words. A mnemonic is when you chose a word and then make a sentence with the the first letter of each sentence, spelling out the word. For example,  Fiona Let Us Find Feijoas Yesterday= Fluffy. I used five of my words (ranted, cried, radiant, panted and aroma) and created one for each of them. Aroma is my favourite because it is true that All Rumors Only Make Arguments, but maybe I could improve the one for ranted.

What I learnt: by using a mnemonic that makes sense, then it is easy to remember the mnemonic so you can spell the word.

 Here is a picture of mine.

I think I did well at creating mnemonics that make sense and are appropriate. Peer feed back: I think you have made up great mneonics, you have also done a great desciption.


  1. Not only have you made great mnemics, but wise words to live by.....especially AROMA

  2. I agree with your Mum Ana! And my favourite is your mnemonic for 'aroma' too! Thank you for your honest feedback.