Thursday, 29 May 2014

Maths Sample.

WALT: Use our five times tables to solve mainly six, seven and eight times tables.
In maths we are learning to solve tricky times table questions like 17x6, using our simple 5 times tables. For example, if the question was 6x16 you would go, 5x16+1x16=96. So the answer is ninety -six.
We had to do a difficult maths sample to show we know how to use this strategy. Here is a photo of mine.

The success criteria is to be able to understand and use this strategy without any trouble.
I think I have achieved this because I understand the strategy and can use it easily if I need to. Peer feed back: I think you have worked hard and understand what you are doing and how to work it out. Grace's comment:)

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  1. Brilliant Ana, you are such a diligent worker! You showed perseverance when learning the strategy and you must be really proud of learning this strategy. Keep it up!