Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bookapedia task 1 compare my birth story to Auggie's!

WALT: To use various sources of information to understand the author's message better.

Success Criteria: Use prior knowledge and the text to form logical opinions.

For this task I had to compare my birth story to Auggie's birth story. To do this I read the chapter when Auggie is telling you what his birth story is and then I read my birth story that my mother wrote when I was born. After that I talked to my mum about it. Next I wrote two lists down, one about the differences between our births and one about the similarities.

When I was born my mum was happy when she was going into the the hospital, but then the doctors said that my heart beat was slowing. Mum and Dad were very scared and concerned for me. They had to take her to the emergency room and do some surgery to get me out. In the end I came out healthy and perfect. Everyone was very happy and relieved.

When Auggie as born the doctors thought he had Cleff palate, but he had major facial deformities. Before he was born his parents and docters were feeling happy and relaxed about him. I know this because his parents were joking around. When he was born they all suddenly became very worried.         

The two most important differences are the parents' and the doctors' feelings and the health between me and Auggie. The people at Auggie's birth were worried when he as born and the people at my birth were joyful when I was born. I was healthy and Auggie was sick and had facial deformities.

The main similarity is when his mother and my mother see us for the first time and think that we are beautiful. When Auggie's mother first sees him Auggie wrote "All she could see was how pretty my eyes were." My mum thought I was absolutely perfect.

I have achieved the Success Criteria because... I have used my prior knowledge about births and my birth story and I have read Auggie's recount about his birth story and found some similarities and differences between them. 


  1. I enjoyed sharing your birth story with you Ana - especially since you and I are the main characters in that story! I liked how you found similarities between you and Auggie as well as differences. It is great to see you comparing things you already know to the new information you are reading in the book. Do you think you can use the information you learnt about Auggie's experiences to compare and contrast with experiences of some of the other children you have been reading about (Firegirl, Mockingbird, Out of my mind etc..)?

  2. Thanks for sharing your birth story Ana. I WONDER if our family and friends can see something in us that others can't...or chose not to? What do you think?