Thursday, 27 March 2014

Learning dispositions.

In class we are deciding what kind of learner you are. Here is a reflection that I have completed.

I think that I am a Self-managing learner because...

Time: I complete my priorities in the time given most of the time. I follow my timetable. 

Choices: I choose were I sit and work properly. I know when I am being distracted or distracting others so I move away.

To be able to move to being a Self-directed learner I must:

Time: Work hard to get all my priorities done in the time given without being reminded, and get most of them done during school time.

Choices: Always stay on task independently and never be distracted or distracting to others. To know the drivers for my learning and use this appropriately.

This is what I am going to do to move onto being a Self-directed learner: Work really hard and always get my work completed in the time given.

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