Thursday, 13 March 2014

SMART goals for camp!

WALT: Set SMART goals with lots of detail.
Success Criteria:
Set 2 goals that are sensible, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely goals
Reflect on goals after camp.

We are going to Highland Home Camp next week. Troy's and Elly's classes are going togther and Nic and Ebonys classes have gone already. Here are my goals for camp.

Goal 1: My goal is to try new things. 
I have chosen this goal because I want to be able to go out for dinner and know I have the confidence to choose something I have never tried before.
I will know I have achieved this when I walk into the dining room and there is hardly anything that I haven't tried before.
I can help myself achevie this by trying new things everyday starting with small things and growing bigger.

Goal 2: My goal is to Make new friends.
I have choosen this goal because I want help other people have fun and include them in activities.
I'll know I have achevied this when lots of new people are playing with me and talking to me more.
I can help myself achevie this by going up to people at camp and asking them if they would like
to play with me.

Goal 1 achieved.
I know this because: At camp I tried and did loads of new things like abseiling, because of this I feel more confident to try new things in the future.

Goal 2 achieved.

I know this because: At camp I shared a cabin with two girls I didn't know very well. Throughout camp I began to learn more about them. Now we are good friends. 

I think I have achieved the success criteria because I have set two sensible goals that related to camp, I could measure my goals to show that I achieved them and I could achieve them in the time given.


  1. Interesting goals Ana and worthwhile to pursue. With regards to your second goal, sometimes you don't always find out (straight away) that you have had an impact on others. So, you might not immediately have new people wanting to talk or be with you, but you may still have made them feel like a friend. (And they might tell someone else that you are very kind and thoughtful)
    Best wishes for camp!

  2. Ana - I love that you want to try new things, both at camp and after camp. What are the things on camp that will be new for you? Caving? Rock Climbing? Abseiling? I am starting to get very excited about camp now! Only 2 sleeps to go!