Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Reading Portfolio Sample.

Description: In reading we were given a choice for our goal. We could chose either Summarising or 
Questioning. I thought I was quite good at both but could work on Questioning a bit more. We had to chose a tic tac toe about Questioning. I chose the Reverse it up task, which was the disadvantages of a computer.

Success criteria:
To think wider.
Think hard and out of the box.

Big Idea:
I have learnt to think harder andto question my ideas. For example, if I had A computer can't drive a car.  You can probobaly make a computer drive by controlling through it. So you would change the sentence to A computer can't drive a car with hands. That way it makes more sense. This task has helped me think more critically about what I am writing and if it is true.

Feedback/Feedforward: You have done a great job in terms of amount! Next time you could add more detail and make you questions deep so that the reader really has to think about your answer. Great job!
Isabella (Marly!)

Evaluation: I think I have done well at coming up with the ideas and thinking critaclly about my ideas. Next time I could make my questions a bit more deep and add detail to my poster.


  1. Lots of great thoughts here Ana. Next time think about the readability in terms of font and colour choice.

  2. Awesome Ana, I really like your reflecting on making questions a bit more in depth by changing up a few words, they can make all the difference. Agree with Mum's call about the font and colour choice. I'm sure you came to my workshop on Complimentary colours once upon a time...