Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

Description: In maths we are learning about strategies. We are learning to use the best strategy for each problem and how to use that strategy. There are three stages. Stage 6, stage 5 and stage 4. I am in stage 6. The strategys we a learning to use are:
Rounding and compensating
Equal addition
Place value partioning 
We were given a peice of paper with 4 questions on it. We had to answer the questions by picking and object and using the prices. We also had to use one of t he strategys above. I used Trial and error most often. 

Big idea: You can see from my pictures that I used different strategys for different questions. I learnt that equal addition was the best and trial and error took the most time. 

Nice strategys Ana. but you could label each image with the strategy you used. Lachlan

Evaluation: I think I did well at getting what I had to do done in the short time I had because I had ICAS practice so I was a day behind. Next time I could label what stratigies I have used because it is hard to tell what I am using.

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  1. Ana, you have clearly shown how you solved these questions and what strategy you have used. I am impressed with how you chose to present this and it makes it very easy for your viewers to see how to do each strategy. This is an exemplary post, Well Done!