Thursday, 3 September 2015

Maths production sample.

Description: For maths this term we have been working on multiplication and division. We had to do some tests to see what level we were at. I am in stage seven. There are three different strategys I am working on Proportional adjustment (PLAT), Place value partioning (PVP), Rounding and compensating (R/C) and Known Facts (KF). 

Big idea: We were given a sheet that had two questions on it. We had to show two strategys on each question to show that we knew how to use them. I think that I found all of them good apart from Proportional adjustment because I didn't find I needed to use it. But I got all of them done easily with them. Known Facts is when you use facts you know like when you just go 32+32=64, 64+32=96 ect, ect. Proportional adjustment is when working out multiplication problems you double one number and halve the other or treble one number and third the other. Place value partioning is when you take a question such as 6x26 and split the numbers so it goes 6x20=120, 6x6=36 and then you add 120 to 36 which is 156. So the answer to 6x26 is 156. And last of all Rounding and Compensating is when you take a question and do this to it 9x6= (10x6)-6=54.

Great job Ana, I love the way you have explained what strategys you have been using and giving a great example. Your working out is very clear as well! Good job. I think that you could maybe use proportional adjustment in your learning because I use it often and I think it is a great strategy. I love your post! Great job.

Evaluation: I need to use a wider variety of stratergies because some of the stratergies I use won't work in certain situations. But I did well at working out the questions.

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  1. Ana, this is an outstanding portfolio sample. You are thorough in your explanation and your examples show exactly what you did. I like that you used the materials to solve this problem too.