Friday, 5 June 2015

Writing Portfolio sample!

Description: In writing my goal is sentences. I aim to have a range of different sentences including complex sentences. To get better at this I am going to practise writing different kinds of sentences and putting them together to make a story. We wrote a story based around a video we watched called 'Mouse for Sale!' Here it is.

Big Idea: A complex sentence is a sentence is a sentence that has and independent part and a dependent part. For example, Olivia is a girl is a simple sentence. But if I added on it to make it, Olivia is a girl with long flowing hair it would be a complex sentence because with long flowing hair doesn't stand on it's own. We had to include lots of complex sentences in our writing and highlight them red. Here is my writing! Hope you enjoy!

Feedback/Feedforward: Great Job Ana, I love your writing! You have used heaps of complex sentences that keeps me engaged. Next time I think you could work on paragraphing because sometimes your paragraphs are a bit big/long. Great Job! I love your writing.
Hannah K

Evaluation: I did well at using complex sentences in my writing because others commented on how many I have but I could still get more in. I also think I could work on my paragraphing because I had to go back and make some more paragraphing. 

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  1. Ana, your writing is always so easy to read, the quality of it matches that of a published author. The variation of complex sentences you have used have really painted an excellent picture for your reader. I agree with Hannah and that your next step could be to utilise paragraphing skills to build anticipation for the reader. (Just like in Nanny Piggins)