Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Catch me if you can.

WALT: Use a change of pace and a direction to get into a free space for a pass.
At Catch Me If You Can we have been learning about getting into space so that the person with the ball can pass to you. We have been learning this by doing several activities with Sha, like running through the court in pairs. The court is separated into three parts. In each part there are two people, these people are defenders. The two people trying to get through have to pass to each other three times before they can go to the next part.They do this by running into a free space ready to catch the ball.


  1. I like your writing style Ana. I knew a little bit about this activity but you made it clearer for me. Your writing is a talent you have, one that you should be proud of. I look forward to reading some of your published work this year.
    P.S. Your choice of photos at the tope of your blog also tell a really powerful story about who you are. Beautiful dog. Will we get to hear you play the piano soon?


    1. Hi David! Thanks for commenting on my blog, you made my day. I am working
      on giving the reader more information. Yes you will be hearing me play the piano/keyboard this year, because I am in the school band!