Thursday, 11 September 2014

Reading sample

My reading goal this term was to  'Play with possibilities' within and across text by considering alternatives.                                          


GET IT...use a range of sources by questioning and predicting

SORT IT...analyse and sort information to answer my question: see if my thinking has changed, look for patterns by questioning inferring, summarising

USE IT…discuss what I have found out with others and make connections 


inquiring readers go through a process to gather, organise and respond to new information. We have been using  the ‘GET IT, SORT IT, USE IT’ process. After reading ‘Wonder’ by R.J.Palaccio our group felt moved to DO something but we didn’t know what! We all had lots of questions so we decided to research more about disabilities before deciding. I wanted to know more about different disabilities. We tried to find the difference between a disability and a disease.


I can research using different sources.

I can think logically, creatively, and reflectively.

I can make generalisations from patterns and connections


The poem that we made was about someone who has a visabel disability. We looked at another poem and took some ideas from it. Here it is.

My Visabel Disability.

My body has a tear,

I have two paralysised legs,

And I'm half paralysised with fear.

My rage increases everyday,

And I'm the one who has to pay,

My angers growing right inside,

And yet I have no place to hide.

I've been forever cursed with this visabel disability

Which stops me from having,

Every cool ability,

This is my fatal flaw and the whole world can see,


Did my thinking change or stay the same during the ‘GET IT’ stage?

Yes because I was thinking about like it was something that you could just type in disabilitys but then I realised that it was better to type in what kind and be specific.

From ‘SORTING IT’ I can make these generalizations:

That some disabilities are created by diseases and one of those diseases is called Polio. Some people with disabilities feel independent.

‘USE IT’ (what did you do- those who did a social action, or what could you have done for this stage- for those who didn't?)

I did a poster and we recrafted a poem. The poem we recrafted was about an invisible disease and we recrafted it to a visabel disability. Now I am working on writing a letter to Sophie Pascoe.

Feedback/Feedforward: I think that you have done a really good job.

I think that you could explain it a little bit more.  Kaylana


  1. Ana- I can't wait to hear back form your letter to Sophie Pascoe and the Olympic committee! You have a great inquiring mind; do you think it is important to take time to "SORT IT"?

  2. Ana, I really like how you have investigated disability and disease topics and learnt ways to get the best information and that disability can result from disease or injury or birth. I am also proud to see that you recognise that disabled people feel differently about their disability compare to another person with a similar disability - can you think of reasons why that might be? I am really looking forward to seeing your letter to Sophi Pascoe - it's great that you find her so inspiring.