Monday, 23 September 2013

My Charater Description!

We are learning how to write a character description using similes.
Mr Tankersly

His hair is like snow on a mountain with little specks of black. His cheery smile brings happiness to even the grouchiest persons heart. Shiny glasses sparkle in the sunlight like a mirror reflecting your watch. He loves to wear dark clothes, but no matter how dark they are they always seem bright when he wears them. His glow with satisfaction like a blue moon when he is happy with your work.

He enjoys to make up pieces on the piano and then sing something like "Have a nice day!" While playing the piano. He is usually jolly but can be extremely serious. When he is serious his tone is stern but soft. So stern in fact that even the strongest giant would cower under his gaze. His morning jokes are always funny. His pace is slow like an old man crossing the road but steady like someone in a egg and spoon race. He is always busy and wandering around.

Whenever I play a piece he gives me feedback and feedforward. At every concert I go to his smile fulls the room with happiness. People enjoy being around him because of his laughter and kindness to others. Everyone looks forward to his amazing concerts and joke about how his name is Roy and he lives on Roy Street I always think " Why is his name the same as his street name."! His sessions with me are always interesting and enjoyable, I always look forward to them.

You can tell what he likes because of all the photos and music books clustered in his music room. Photos on his walls show the past of his musicial life.  You can hardly tell which piece he has been playing lately because of the pile of pieces on his Organs seat. At the end of my sessions I am always sad to leave " Why does time fly by when you are having fun!" I sadly think. Mr Tankersly is the best piano teacher in the universe!


  1. Well done on your character description. I like the way you have used lots of descriptive words and similes. Your writing has given me a clear picture of your character.

  2. What a great description Ana, you've captured Mr T beautifully here.