Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Swimming Sports

Swimming sports!

On Thursday the 7th of March I went to the School Swimming Sports at the Lido, to compete in some swimming races against children my age. At the Lido I was going to do some length races. The length races are when you race 25m against children your age and the first person to touch the end wall wins! I was competing in 3 out of 3 races which were freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. In the width races you do flutterboard races, and noodle races.
When we arrived, the width races were about to begin and they were amazing. The kids who were competing were not confident in the pool, but that was really hard to believe! After the width races there were the lengths, first up were they year sixes doing freestyle. The year sixes were EXTRAORDINARY, they looked like darts ripping threw the water! Next were the year fives and I was cheering my head off for my friends Keona and Maia! Then finally it was my Freestyle race.
When Ngaire called out my name I got up and walked to the diving board. Then David blew his whistle “TEET!” and I got into the water. “On your marks get set, HONK!” We were off, I began to concentrate and I thought, “Chin on my chest,check, legs straight, check, feet kicking small and fast, check, perfect!” As I zoomed across the pool loudly, I could hear people cheering around me. In the end I managed to come fourth, I was very proud of myself!
Next was my backstroke race, it took some time to get to do my race but finally I did it. As I swam I felt as though I was a dolphin shooting through the water. My body was hitting the lane rope but I kept on going! The moment I felt the wall beneath my fingers I turned around, back onto my stomach but time, I didn't know what place I came.
Then finally it was time for my breaststroke race; the race I was most looking forward to! As Ngarie called out peoples names, I was thinking about my strategy. All of a sudden I realised that Ngarie had stopped calling out peoples names. I looked around me, asking people frantically if they were in the breaststroke race. I felt nervous, wondering if I'd been forgotten. Every single person I had asked, had answered with a no! I ran as fast as I could to my mother, telling her about everything that had happened. Then I told Ngraie, Stephen and Olivia about what had happened. It turned out, I wasn't the only person who hadn't been called out to do the breaststroke races anf my friend Hannah didn't get to as well! All of a sudden Jaquie asked me what had happened so I told her that Hannah had missed out to. After that, Jaquie talked with David about it and in the end they decided that Hannah and I were going to share a lane in the finals instead! As Ngarie called out the breaststroke final people, I ran over quietly to Hannah to tell her what was happening.
I walked to the diving board, I felt more nervous than ever! All of a sudden David blew his whistle "TEET!" I slid into the water. Then David said "On your marks, get set, GO!" I pushed myself off the wall, I flew threw the water and I saw I was leaving Hannah behind me. Then I felt the wall slide against my fingers and the crowds cheers were sticking to my ears like glue. I quietly pulled myself onto the ground above me. Suddenly, Ebony came up to me and told me that I had come third! I felt extremely proud of myself! I really enjoyed Swimming sports!
After Swimming sports we went to the esplanade and had some lunch there. After we had had our lunch we played for a while, I played with Hannah on the slide. We played a game when one person goes down the slide and waits at the bottom, and another person goes down and they end up like a train. Then we jumped back on the bus and travelled back to school.
I had an extremly fun day because I thought swimming sports was thirlling!
The End.

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  1. Great writing! I love the way you have followed the criteria and used lots of interesting words. Keep up the great work!