Monday, 25 March 2013

Boat Race

Every week we have a Hands on Homework. Hands on Homework is when you have to go home and see if you, can do something the teacher tells you to do! Last weeks Hands on Homework was to make a boat. I made a boat based on the book The Black Stallion! To make my boat I used pollistilren and blue and red paint. I cut a block of pollistilren into the shape I wanted the boat to be. Then I stuck another bit of pollistilren on the front of the boat. After that I painted a slice of pollistilren blue, then I painted the boat and stuck the slice on the top of the boat! On Friday everybody who made a boat took them down to the school pool to race them! I was the person who jumped in to retrive the sinking boats! My boat was in the moter race, I thought it would do well but in the end it went the wrong way! Check out this cool video of the races!



  1. To Ana
    Did you like the boat race? It looks fun.
    Ana did you win?

    From Debbie:)

  2. The boat race was great fun and you did such a fantastic job as "lifeguard"!